The ICCCASU team is composed entirely of dedicated volunteers. With this opportunity, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to our many volunteers. In fact, we are extremely proud of our volunteers, especially in light of the considerable challenges they have navigated and the heavy workload so many have managed offside of their desks, or in their own time out of personal interest. Therefore, this year, we have nominated three volunteers for our Outstanding Volunteer Awards.

Volunteer Award

Sherry Verma joined ICCCASU in the Winter 2020 term. She is a key contributor to the organization in the past few months. Sherry edited the testimony video of ICCCASU III that was held in 2019. Although she was not at the conference in 2019, she took the efforts to go through multiple testimony records and put the testimony videos together. Also, she took a lot of time to help polish the English record of ICCCASU. She proofread the entire report multiple times and made some valuable suggestions on the format of the report. Sherry is also actively involved in the design team to design covers and photo pages.

Chen Xiao joined ICCCASU in 2019 and volunteered at the conference in China. She made significant contributions to the publication of the Chinese report of ICCCASU III. She helped to translate Chinese transcripts taken during ICCCASU III to English and translated English reports to Chinese.  Chen Xiao is also the team leader of the design team and made some fantastic designs for the ICCCASU – WUF10 side events at Abu Dhabi.

Lindy Pâquet joined ICCCASU in the Winter 2020 term as a student who participates in the Community Service Learning to get course credit. She completed many translation works and made some valuable suggestions regarding the ICCCASU community engagement program's operation. Lindy’s CSL contract was only 30 hours and supposed to end in April. After the end of the CSL contract, she is still interested in volunteering with ICCCASU. During the summer, Lindy participated in all the bi-weekly organizing committee meetings and recorded some excellent quality meeting minutes.